orange creamsicle martini

Orange you glad it’s the weekend?  Terrible, I know.  It’s related, so just relax.

Sometimes ideas come to me at odd hours.  Like, at 4 A.M. while I’m stepping into the kitchen for a drink of water.  And sometimes, insight dawns upon me when I’m in the mood for something a bit more fun than just a glass of water.  Like tonight.  The easy choice is always wine, but opening a bottle can be so much work.  I remembered that I have a bottle of cake flavored vodka in the freezer, but couldn’t think of any mixers.  Then I looked over at the fruit bowl and saw several luscious oranges.  And before I knew it, I was sipping on a cocktail that tasted like a 50-50 bar.

There are many ways to make an orange creamsicle cocktail, but this method is quick, easy and requires only two ingredients (one of which is not heavy cream).  I prefer to eat my calories, and if it tastes good, it tastes good, amirite?!


Materials (for 1 drink)

1 oz. cake, vanilla, or whipped cream flavored vodka
juice of 2 oranges (or about 4 oz. orange juice)



1. Place vodka, orange juice and three or four ice cubes in a cocktail shaker, and shake around for a few seconds.

2. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with an orange slice.

This drink can also be enjoyed on the rocks.  Simply pour the vodka and juice over a few ice cubes, and stir.  No garnish necessary.  Lip smackin’ good!

Cheers to making the best of what you may have in your fruit bowl!