easy, no-bake energy bonbons

A recent craving led me to Pinterest, and after a 15 minute (OK, 1 hour) tangent, I came across an appetite-stimulating picture of these so-called energy balls.  The recipe called for peanut butter, oats and chocolate, which is cookie territory and always a welcomed treat, except there was no baking involved.  Instant gratification.  Sign.  Me.  Up!


These healthy bonbons, as I’ve renamed them, make a great snack, treat along the hiking trail, or even dessert.  They’re also super easy to make, if you can call it that.  Just throw all the ingredients together in a bowl, and stir.  Can you handle it?  The most time consuming part is shaping them into perfect spheres, so if you have a bit of OCD like I do, and you’re running low on patience, bars are an alternative.  I’m taking that route next time.

Out of curiosity (and because I like math), I calculated the calories.  Each heaping tablespoon-sized ball is worth about 85 calories, which is reasonable for how good they taste.  I offer no comment on how many I sampled during the mixing process, but I promise you can’t eat just one.


Stay tuned for adaptations with different nut butters, extracts, chopped nuts and dried fruit!


Materials (makes 30 balls, barely adapted from Daydream Kitchen)

1 cup dry oats (I used old fashioned)
1 cup finely shredded coconut
1/2 cup ground flaxseed (I ground the seeds in a coffee grinder)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup honey
1/2 cup mini carob chips (or chocolate chips)
1 Tbsp vanilla extract



1. Using elbow grease or the classic hand mashing method, combine all ingredients in a large bowl, and refrigerate for about 15 minutes.  This makes the mixture easier to shape.

2. Scoop using a tablespoon, and form into balls.  Bonbons will keep in an airtight container for up to a week, but mine didn’t last that long.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

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