apple beet juice

Whenever I’m feeling tired, unhealthy or huge because I’ve been sampling too many cupcakes, Ruffles or wine (or all of the above), I turn to homemade juice for help.  I’ve done a few straight juice cleanses, but have found that sometimes, replacing just one meal a day with a juice makes me feel better.  It’s also a lot easier to manage.  And let’s face it– food is too good to give up.

Any rules that may exist about homemade juice don’t have to be followed.  I like that.  It gives me a break from all the math.  Lemon juice and ginger are staples, but the other ingredients can be almost any combination of fruits or vegetables you like.  Almost, because produce with a higher water content works best, and potato juice wouldn’t be very appetizing.  Otherwise, be fearless and have fun!

Be careful when making this cocktail.  Beets stain.  They stain everything.  Cutting boards, fingers, back splash tile, and your favorite white shirt can and will fall victim to the “blood” spatter.  Timely crime scene clean up is of utmost importance.


Materials (makes about 10 ounces)

3 apples, cut into quarters
2 medium beets, cut into halves
1 inch piece of ginger
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice



1. Press ginger, apple and beet pieces (no need to peel) through juice extractor and watch the magic happen.

2. Add fresh lemon juice, stir and enjoy immediately.

Lemon and other citrus fruit zest is very bitter, and should not be put into the juicer.  Also, because they don’t contain preservatives and haven’t been pasteurized, fresh, homemade juices have a short shelf life.  So drink up!

orange creamsicle martini

Orange you glad it’s the weekend?  Terrible, I know.  It’s related, so just relax.

Sometimes ideas come to me at odd hours.  Like, at 4 A.M. while I’m stepping into the kitchen for a drink of water.  And sometimes, insight dawns upon me when I’m in the mood for something a bit more fun than just a glass of water.  Like tonight.  The easy choice is always wine, but opening a bottle can be so much work.  I remembered that I have a bottle of cake flavored vodka in the freezer, but couldn’t think of any mixers.  Then I looked over at the fruit bowl and saw several luscious oranges.  And before I knew it, I was sipping on a cocktail that tasted like a 50-50 bar.

There are many ways to make an orange creamsicle cocktail, but this method is quick, easy and requires only two ingredients (one of which is not heavy cream).  I prefer to eat my calories, and if it tastes good, it tastes good, amirite?!


Materials (for 1 drink)

1 oz. cake, vanilla, or whipped cream flavored vodka
juice of 2 oranges (or about 4 oz. orange juice)



1. Place vodka, orange juice and three or four ice cubes in a cocktail shaker, and shake around for a few seconds.

2. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with an orange slice.

This drink can also be enjoyed on the rocks.  Simply pour the vodka and juice over a few ice cubes, and stir.  No garnish necessary.  Lip smackin’ good!

Cheers to making the best of what you may have in your fruit bowl!

peanut butter cup martini

While giving the treadmill some ferocious attention, I watched a Food Network special on Hershey’s Chocolate World.  The host of the show took a tour of the chocolate factory, then stopped off at a bar to have a chocolate peanut butter martini, and finished his day at the Spa at Hotel Hershey, where he took a bath in frothy chocolate milk!  While pondering a career change, I promised my taste buds a treat and took note of the martini recipe.  As the euphoria of my run dissipated, so did my memory, taking the crucial recipe with it.  I attempted to recall, but was forced to improvise, and did quite well.



2 oz. Castrie’s peanut rum creme (Frangelico hazelnut liquor works well, too)
1 oz. Godiva chocolate vodka
1 oz. Godiva chocolate liquor
chocolate syrup
peanut butter cup for garnish



1. Shake the rum creme, vodka and liquor in a shaker with ice and pour into a glass drizzled with chocolate syrup.

2. Garnish with a peanut butter cup, and indulge!