Over the years, I’ve spent too much time in biology, chemistry and physics labs, but I’ve learned that the best experimental setting is one that ends with a drool-inducing edible (or drinkable!) product.  There are few greater joys than sharing foods that deliver smiles, sugar rushes and ultimately, tighter jeans– too many of which I have hanging in my closet.

After my home kitchen was remodeled, I started looking for any excuse to spend time in there and create something.  Or maybe I was looking for an excuse to eat something?…  The new space became my experimental lab, which is where recipe development and taste testing take place.  You may notice a few articles of science displayed throughout.  After all, no lab is complete without funky glassware, a mortar & pestle, and a nerd dressed in a lab coat an apron.  After “regular business hours,” I gladly turn in my latex gloves for an oven mitt, my white coat for a brown and pink polka-dotted apron, and my standard operating procedure for a recipe.

Things that make me happy include:  lists, organizing, cleaning, Nutella, velour jumpsuits, conversations with strangers, writing utensils, my KitchenAid stand mixer, and smashed cheddar cheese Ruffles and sour cream.  Yes.  In a bowl.  Eaten with a spoon.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your stay, and visit again soon!